Bed Bug Prevention

Wil-Kil Pest Control wants to remind residents that bed bugs are not a self-treating problem. Do-it-yourself heat treatments can result in house fires or property damage. A professional should be called to evaluate and resolve the problem, but there are also preventative guidelines that one may follow.

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Bed Bugs
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When traveling this time of year, it’s extremely important to confirm that your room is bug-free before you settle in, whether it be at a hotel or your own household. Keep the following tips in mind to prevent bed bugs in your future travels:

Bed bug prevention methods at hotels include:

1. Thoroughly inspect the entire room before belongings are unpacked. Check behind the headboard, next to the baseboard and behind the night stand.

2. Check the mattress and box spring seams for signs of bed bugs.

3. Place luggage away from walls and the bed.

4. Do not pile shoes or clothes next to or on the bed.

5. Notify the property management if you see anything suspicious.

6. Regularly inspect areas where pests may sleep for signs of bed bugs. Flashlights are useful to provide a quick visual inspection.

Steps to take upon returning home include:

1. Once you return home, inspect all luggage before bringing it inside and vacuum suitcases before putting them away.

2. Before putting articles of clothing into your drawers or closets, dry all fabric items (even those not worn) in a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes to ensure any bed bugs are not placed in these areas.

3. Consider using a hand steamer to steam luggage, helping to kill any bed bugs.

4. Check your sheets for areas of blood spots.

5. Place shoes, backpacks and dry clean only clothes in dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes after your trip.

Your friends at Wil-Kil would like to ensure that you are not among those infested in the near future. For any and all questions regarding pest control prevention, contact Wil-Kil Pest Control for additional information.

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Wil-Kil Advises Travelers to Brush Up on Bed Bug Prevention Tips in Sun Prairie, WI

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