Deer mouse eating seeds.Swallowing a watermelon seed will plant one in your stomach. If you step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back. While we wholeheartedly believe this as children, eventually we grow up and realize they are just silly stories our parents and friends tell us. However, some of us still believe many of the myths we are told about bugs and other pests. We’re here to break down some of these myths so you can sleep a little easier at night!


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1. We swallow about 8 spiders in our sleep every year

You will be happy to know that this is a huge myth! Where it came from, even we don’t know. Whether you have arachnophobia or feel like you are constantly fending off spiders in your home (or perhaps your bedroom) you can rest assured that none will be attempting to crawl inside your mouth while you sleep. In fact, it is unlikely that this would happen during your entire life

2. Mice love cheese

We often see pictures of cheese used as mouse bait, and while it may get the point across, it actually is inaccurate. Mice are not attracted to cheese, but instead prefer foods such as fruits, grains and even chocolate. If you are using a baited trap, a mouse will be far more likely to go after something like peanut butter over your finest Brie.

3. Daddy long-legs are extremely poisonous

A widespread myth tells us that daddy long-legs are among the most poisonous of spiders. To clarify a bit here, there are two types of creatures that are commonly referred to as “daddy long-legs”, but only one is actually a spider. While the spider that resembles the daddy long-legs is mildly venomous, the actual, true daddy-long legs, which have a pill-shaped body and eight long legs, don’t have venom glands or fangs.

4. Cats are the best form of rodent control

Our days growing up watching Tom & Jerry has implanted the idea in our brains that owning a cat is your best defense against rodents. Unfortunately, your furry feline isn’t helping you as much as you may think. While cats might be good at making you aware you have a rodent problem, many are not interested in catching mice – some may even be skittish around them. A cat also won’t repair the physical damage that is allowing mice to enter your home in the first place.

5. Pest problems only happen in dirty homes

If you have ever suffered a rodent, ant, cockroach, bed bug or any other pest problem, rest assured that you are not always a victim due to poor sanitation around the home. Pests happen – to everyone! The actual reason you are probably facing a pest issue is because they are finding entry points from the outside, and your house is a warm and inviting place for them. Therefore, if you are trying to control an infestation, seek out a specialist who will help find these entry points, seal them and treat the outside of your home.

While these “facts” are all untrue, pests do pose health threats, cause damage to your home and can simply be a nuisance. If you are looking to eradicate pests from your home, contact Wil-Kil today.


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