There are a lot of things that can damage your home in winter: heavy wet snow on the roof, ice on gutters and eaves, expansion and contraction, and high winds. When winter weather conditions hit your home, you should be watching closely. There are many pests that don’t hibernate and they are waiting to find a hole in your defenses–if they’re not already chewing one. Here is a short list of pests and what they are hoping winter weather will do to your house.

Mice and Rats. Mice and rats hope you’ll get lots of snow. Heavy wet snow can cause roofs to sag and cracks to open. Pushing snow off your roof is a good idea to prevent a collapse and keep mice and rats from finding a way in. These two rodents also like it when everything starts to melt, because soft wood is easier to chew through. Keep an eye out for chew damage and repair those areas before they can get in.

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Squirrels. Though these creatures store food for the winter they can still be seen scavenging during the winter months. If ice weighs down your gutter, roofline, or eaves, and gaps open, squirrels will be all too happy to take up residence in your nice warm attic. Keep an eye out for weak areas that could be damaged by heavy ice.

Bed bugs. These bugs are hoping that high winds will knock out the power in your area. This could cause you to open your home up to visitors and displaced family. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t. But you should look for bed bugs after they leave. Bed bugs spread by traveling with people, and they don’t just travel with dirty people. These blood eating insects can live in the cleanest of homes. Look for mosquito-like bite marks that appear in a row or cluster. Inspect beds for black fecal residue and examine sheets for the tiny blood stains these insects leave when they dribble from the mouth.

Skunks. If temperatures drop and you have a deck or patio with warm air being vented into it from your dryer, you may be putting out the welcome sign for skunks. Take my word for it, if you have a skunk living under a portion of your house and it has sprayed recently, there is no place you can hide from the smell.

Protect Yourself

Guarding yourself from winter damage can keep pests out and keep the heat in. If you want to learn more about what pests stay active during the winter and how to protect your family from them, get plugged into a professional pest control company. Once you realize you don’t have to live with bugs and wildlife there’s no going back.

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Winter Weather And Pest Invasion in Sun Prairie, WI

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