They come every fall. You can almost set your watch to them. The insects and wildlife around your home are going to start breaching your walls. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. Hang with me for a few short minutes, and I’ll tell you what critters to expect, and how to deal with them.

Nuisance pests

Some of the bugs and wildlife that wish to use your home as a nesting site this fall are mostly harmless. You don’t have to worry about a pack of squirrels attacking your children, or a cloud of lady bugs chasing you through the yard. Stink bugs and boxelder bugs won’t expose your family to disease and pestilence. The vast majority of spiders will only leave a red welt, at worst. These pests are just a nuisance. They crawl all over the walls, crunch under your feet, stink up your house, and create a less than pleasant environment to live in. Are there pests you should be on the lookout this fall? There sure are; I am so glad you asked!

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Painful insects

The wasps that nest in your eaves and soffits can cause a painful sting. Unlike those lady bugs, these bugs will be happy to chase you around the yard, or simply wait for you to sit on them. And, the black widow and brown recluse are two spiders you don’t want picking your home to wait out the winter cold.

Animal attack

Wild animals are just that–wild. You’re probably not going to have any trouble with a squirrel or a woodchuck, but raccoon, opossum, and skunk attacks are common.


Wild animals carry parasites, like lice, ticks, mites, and fleas, in their fur.


Rats, mice, and cockroaches top the list of disease and bacteria spreaders, but there are many others.

Property damage

Insects, like the termite and the ant, are herded into homes when the cold weather comes. Once there, they burrow or eat the wood of your house, creating thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Here are some general control tips

  • Seal your trash in hard plastic bins. Bugs and wildlife love exposed trash.
  • Don’t leave food out, especially pet food. This will draw critters to your yard.
  • Don’t leave woodpiles, construction material, or clutter in the yard.
  • Keep the lights off at night, or replace your white lights with yellow, insect-resistant lighting.
  • Use chicken wire or something similar, to skirt your deck, porch or patio.
  • Don’t vent dryer heat under your deck, porch or patio.
  • Put wire mesh in your downspouts, to keep rodents from climbing up.
  • Have your exterior walls or perimeter treated by a professional. This will keep bugs off, and critters away.

The pests are going to invade. It happens every year. But this year, be prepared. Consult a pest control company that uses modern Integrated Pest Management techniques, and seal your home from infestation “before” they get in!

You Know They’re Coming…Fall Pest Control Tips in Sun Prairie, WI

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