With Christmas approaching in just a few days, hopefully you have finished most of your preparations! There is a lot to think about this time of year with holiday shopping, gift wrapping, decorating, baking and planning the Christmas feast, that a lot of people overlook the importance of pest control during these times. The pros at Wil-Kil Pest Control never overlook pest control, because it is our job to keep cockroaches in Wisconsin out of homes, along with the other pests that may be looking to take advantage of your home during this season. To help with pest prevention in your Milwaukee home, the friendly pest control team at Wil-Kil Pest Control have come up with a few prevention tips that should help reduce populations of pests inside your home over the holidays.

  1. As guests arrive, encourage them to inspect their luggage for any signs of bed bugs before they settle into the guest room. It is also a great idea to have them pack their clothing in large plastic bags to prevent bed bugs from hiding out in their luggage.
  2. Keep the kitchen clean. A clean and sanitized kitchen won’t invite cockroaches or rodents; remove spills, crumbs and grease build up, paying close attention to areas between appliances and the countertop. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink and keep food stored in the pantry in tightly sealed containers to avoid infestations of pantry bugs.
  3. Remove clutter. Before your family and friends arrive, spend some time and attention in the storage areas of the home like the attic, basement and spare rooms. Clutter provides a great place for pests to hide out. Also, make sure to get rid of piles of wrapping paper and boxes rather than letting them build up as you receive gifts throughout the holiday season.

Once the holiday’s have passed, it is important that you continue to stay on the lookout for pest infestations. Here are a few additional tips to help prevent an infestation now or in the new year.

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  • Store holiday decorations in heavy duty plastic bins with tight fitting lids. Pests will be looking for good places to hide inside your home and you don’t want to give in! Rodents and spiders may find regular old cardboard boxes full of holiday decorations as good hiding/nesting places, so make sure that your storage areas don’t play host to invading pests.
  • Contact us for professional pest control services throughout the year. Our Home Protection Plan includes inspection services and treatments every season to prevent pest infestations that may plague you, even during the winter. Our services take the stress out of pest control so that you may focus on more important things.

If you live in Madison, Milwaukee or another town inside our service area, the professionals at Wil-Kil Pest Control would like to help you combat frustrating holiday pests. Give us a call today for more information on our Home Protection Plan or to schedule a one time service with our experienced and knowledgeable technicians. Sending our warmest holiday wishes to you and yours from the Wisconsin pest control company you can trust, Wil-Kil Pest Control.

5 Tips For A Pest Free Holiday And New Year in Sun Prairie, WI

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