It’s that time of the year again. Fall pests including mice and rats are beginning their journey to find a warm place to spend the winter which means your Wisconsin home is at risk for a rodent infestation. Thankfully, there are many ways that homeowners can prevent mice and rats from getting inside this fall but it does take some preparations.

The reason that we want to rodent-proof our homes is because both mice and rats pose many health and safety risks including the spread of diseases, contamination, and even structural damages. In order to avoid any of the dangers of rodents, the WI pest control pros at Wil-Kil Pest Control would like to offer some solutions and prevention tips when it comes to mice and rats this fall.

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  1. Thoroughly inspect the exterior of the home for any small cracks, holes, or gaps. It only takes a crack that is 1/4 of an inch for a mouse to squeeze through. Seal off any cracks with caulking to ensure they are not accessible.
  2. Close off vents, pipes, or other holes where electrical or plumbing equipment may be used. Often times screens or other sealants are used to make sure these spaces are closed off from rodents.
  3. Deep clean your kitchen including underneath and between appliances as food debris are a major reason that many rodents will enter homes in the first place.
  4. Disinfect and wipe away any crumbs or spills on the kitchen counters, in the cupboards, or elsewhere in the home. Just as food will attract mice and rats, it will also keep them coming back and multiplying.
  5. Keep any open foods stored in airtight containers to lock out rodents who may be sniffing around.

In addition to these rodent proofing tips, Wil-Kil recommends signing up for our home pest control services. Our Home Protection Plan offers homeowners peace of mind and a home free from the threat of pests all year long. This program includes inspections, treatments, and follow-ups so you do not have to worry about hearing the pitter patter of mouse feet scurrying through the walls at night.

To learn more about our pest control services and ways to keep your home rodent free, please contact us today! Wil-Kil provides pest control services in Eau Claire, Green Bay, and Madison, WI as well as throughout our service area.

Fall Rodent Proofing Tips For Wisconsin Homeowners in Sun Prairie, WI

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