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Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to control mosquitoes on your property? When it comes to campsites, resort and hotel owners we get asked about our mosquito control methods a lot. Many fear their outdoor sanctuaries will turn into a chemical wasteland. With a professional pest control specialist, though, you don’t need to compromise guest safety to achieve a buzz-free zone.

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Why is Biting Insect Control Important for Resorts and Hotels?

It seems that every year mosquitoes are at an all-time high – and this year is no exception. Not only do mosquitoes carry diseases like West Nile and Zika, but they can simply ruin your guests’ time outdoors as they constantly bat and swat at these biting pests. Allow your guests to enjoy what your outdoor spaces have to offer, and leave them with happy memories rather than itchy bites for days ahead. Your reputation is at stake when you don’t do anything to protect your guests. Instead, take a proactive approach and give your campsite or resort a stronger defense against mosquitoes.



The Annoyance Factor

There is nothing more frustrating than the constant buzzing and arm slapping during what’s supposed to be your relaxing getaway. A bad review about mosquito problems at your resort can damage your reputation. If your resort becomes home to swarms of mosquitoes, which are driving your guests indoors, it can not only deter new guests, but also begin to impact high-valued return business.

The Safety Factor

Since last year’s Zika virus outbreak and West Nile virus on the uptick, more and more travelers are becoming concerned when it comes to booking their vacation spots. Popular online resort booking websites are being flooded with question like “what’s your mosquito control like at the resort?” or “how do you keep your resort mosquito-free?” This factor alone makes it even more important to have a dedicated mosquito control plan in place.

Lawn Company vs. Pest Control Specialist

Did you know that you don’t have to spray the entire lawn to protect from mosquitoes? A pest control specialist is trained to understand the behaviors and characteristics of mosquitoes, which means they are able to treat mosquitoes at the source, avoiding excessive chemical usage.

Mosquito control is more than chemical applications too. True mosquito control for your campsite or resort begins with an accurate and thorough assessment of the problem, identifying breeding locations and conditions on your property that are encouraging mosquito habitats from developing. By understanding your unique pest situation, a specialist is able to treat the source instead of the symptom.

Lawn Service

  • Treatment across the entire lawn
  • Excessive usage of chemicals
  • Doesn’t address conditions conducive to mosquito breeding
Pest control icon.

Pest Control Specialists

  • Understands pest habits and control methods
  • Treats only relevant areas
  • Minimal chemical usage

Professional Mosquito Control for Resorts & Hotels

As a campsite, hotel or resort grounds supervisor, you’re always looking to improve your guests’ experience – and a bite-free property is one experience that will be noticed. Wil-Kil Pest Control specializes in mosquito abatement services that will minimize mosquito activity at your resort. You can rely on us to apply effective, ongoing treatments during mosquito season making your guests’ stay an enjoyable one.

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Fight the Bite: Mosquito Control for Resorts & Hotels in Sun Prairie, WI

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