It’s common for people to believe that simply filling holes where stinging insects enter and exit takes care of the issue. While it seems like an easy fix, doing this leads to bigger problems that can put your home in much greater danger. Sales and Service Manager Tyler Bessa explains why it’s a bad idea to seal holes before proper pest control measures are taken and what to do instead.

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Interviewer: Hey Tyler, question for you. Why should our clients not be sealing holes when they see stinging insects?

Technician: Well, actually that’s one of the worst things you can do – is sealing a hole. Often times, people will see yellow jackets or even honeybees coming and going from an area on the outside of their house and they’ll think, “Well if I plug it up, this will stop the problem.” It can actually make the problem worse because what’s going to happen is, these bees or yellow jackets, they’re going to, in the struggle to survive, they’re going to actually look for another way to get out. Often times that’s right into your house.

Interviewer: So what should people be doing rather than filling holes when they see stinging insects?

Technicians: The best thing you can do is avoid the area and call a professional like Wil-Kil Pest Control. We can come out, we can assess the situation, handle it. Decide what the best way is to handle it. Often times what we’re going to end up doing is treating it with a dust insecticide. Something that we can get inside the hole. A lot of times people will try to treat it themselves. They’ll spray and spray and spray, using multiple cans of Raid and get nowhere. You’re subjecting yourself to bee stings. You’re really putting yourself in danger. So the best thing to do would be to contact a professional like us, and we can come out there, we can take care of it for you safely, quickly, and then once the problem is resolved, then you can go ahead and seal up that hole.

Tips from a Tech – Avoid this DIY Fail with Stinging Insects in Sun Prairie, WI

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