Rat Control Service

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Rat Problem? Let us help.

  • Knowledgeable professionals create a treatment specifically designed for your home or business
  • Skilled technicians utilize natural products, baits, exclusion and mechanical means of treatment to control your issue effectively.
  • Helpful recommendations will be provided to help you exclude rats from your property in the future.

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  1. When the technician arrives, he or she will begin by talking to you about your concerns. They will get an understanding of where you have seen evidence of rats and how long it’s been there.
  2. They will continue by inspecting your entire property for signs of rats – looking at both the evidence you have noticed and other areas that may be vulnerable.
  3. After inspection, the technician will get right to work treating the affected areas and implementing preventative measures.
  4. Before leaving, the technician will explain what was done and how you can play a role in excluding rats from your property.
  5. We recommend an ongoing service to keep pests at bay all year long.



Be prepared to tell the technician where you have seen rats, rat droppings, or rat damage in and around your property. Clear these areas of clutter to ensure that a proper inspection and effective treatment can take place.


Wil-Kil technicians have access to a variety of treatment options for rats. All treatment options will be used in the manner intended, and only products specifically made to target rats will be used. If baits are used, they will be anchored in an appropriate manner to prevent access by children and pets. Additionally, if traps are used, they will be placed in the areas that the rats frequent, which is rarely out in the open. By their nature, rats are afraid of anything new in their environment and like to stay hidden and out of sight, so treatment will take place in areas that are hidden and out of sight in most cases.


Wil-Kil is devoted to helping you as soon as possible.  In most cases, we can respond the same or very next day.  Contact us today to schedule your inspection.


Rats are naturally shy and move quickly. Due to the complexity of the treatment of these rodents, very few people are successful at removing rats without the help of professional pest control. Be cautious when purchasing pesticides and other products over the counter as they are not effective. These pesticides can actually be MORE harmful to people and pets than they are to the pest if misused or mixed improperly.

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Rat Control Service in Sun Prairie, WI

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