Have you made your holiday travel plans yet? If not, now is the time to book plane tickets and reserve hotel rooms as the price is going up and the space is running out. Along with securing your travel and lodging, we advise you to be on the lookout for bed bugs this holiday season!

Sadly, bed bugs continue to be a problem for those who are traveling on planes, busses, and trains and staying in hotels and other commercial lodgings; as excellent hitchhikers, bed bugs easily latch onto your clothing and luggage and may return home with you to Wisconsin. Though these tiny pests are not known to transmit any diseases, they do bite and they can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for those who fall victim to an infestation.

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In your quest to avoiding bed bugs while traveling as well as to ensure that you do not bring them home as an unwanted holiday gift, we recommend identifying the signs of bed bugs and how to perform bed bug inspections.

Although bed bugs themselves are not easily seen, they do tend to leave behind evidence once they have infested a hotel room or a home. So before traveling, make sure to learn these common signs of a bed bug infestation:

  • dark spots and bloodstains on the mattress and bedding
  • skin encasements which are shed as bed bugs grow into adults
  • live bugs themselves in the case of a serious infestation
  • waking to itchy red bumps that were not previously there (AKA bed bug bites)

Now that you know what to look for, become the bed bug inspection pro! Before you settle into your hotel room make sure that you inspect the entire room and its contents.  This includes: headboards, mattresses, nightstands, other furniture, behind mirrors and artwork, under carpet and even in electrical outlets. Even when you arrive home you want to make sure to continuously monitor your home for any signs of bed bugs.

If you suspect that bed bugs got past you in your travels and feel like your home could be infested, a canine bed bug inspection can quickly and easily confirm a bed bug problem. In addition, Wil-Kil Pest Control offers highly effective bed bug control in Milwaukee, Madison and throughout our service area that is designed to eliminate bed bugs, no matter how severe the infestation may be. Our team of bed bug experts are ready to help you enjoy a bed bug free holiday season!

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