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For nearly 100 years, Wil-Kil Pest Control has provided residents and businesses in Pewaukee, WI with the highest quality pest control and commercial services. Services in Pewaukee include, but are not limited to, termite control, spider control, bed bug control, mice/rodent control, and solutions for other common pests that are known in the Midwest. Your local Wil-Kil professional technician will be up to speed on all the latest technologies and certifications in the industry.

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Red wooden building next to dam in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Services in Pewaukee

Rodent and Mice Control in Pewaukee 

If you are beginning to notice small chew marks on cardboard boxes, or droppings inside your drawers, mice and rodents may be building in your home. Viruses, parasites, bacteria and disease can be spread through the urine they leave behind – posing a serious health risk to those within the building. Consider going beyond the single-use trap, and give us a call. Wil-Kil’s team of rodent and mice control specialists will put an end to any unwanted visitors within your Pewaukee home or business. Common mice and rodents to identify include:

  • House Mouse
  • Deer Mouse
  • Rats
  • Voles

Spider Control Services in Pewaukee

There are a total of 39 known spider species residing in Wisconsin, with two known to be poisonous – the Northern Widow Spider and the Brown Recluse Spider. Spiders tend to feed on agricultural pests such as cockroaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, and flies, making them a benefit to homeowners. However, most homeowners see spiders as a nuisance. At Wil-Kil, we recommend professional pest control services if you are experiencing a spider infestation. Keep your family and business healthy and happy by removing the spiders from your Pewaukee residence.

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