Between Indian Summers & evening frosts, fall pests are out in full effect. They’re all waiting for their big break to sneak indoors for winter.

A few pests in your home is one thing, but it’s a zero tolerance policy when it comes to seeing bugs and rodents in local small businesses.

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Whether it’s a bed and breakfast, dentist office, retail store or bar-restaurant, if we see pests in what we expect to be a pest-free environment, we immediately cast judgement (and probably leave as quickly as possible with reservations to ever return).

Top 5 Fall Pest Prevention Tips for Small Businesses

There are 5 fall pest prevention tips every businesses keep in mind in order to prevent pests and protect reputations.

  • Check for cracks in walls where pests could get in.Seal Cracks, Gaps & Other Openings – Pests such as mice and boxelder bugs are masters at navigating through building cracks, chimneys, HVAC ducts and utility connections. Make sure your building’s exterior isn’t vulnerable to pest entry by sealing all openings.
  • Repair Door and Window Screens & Sills – If there is a tear in a door or window screen, multiple fall pests will attempt to navigate through the opening to get inside. Similarly, if there are gaps in door sills or window sills, your business is vulnerable. Make sure all screens and sills are in proper working order.
  • Utilize Dehumidifiers – Pests like spiders love dark, moist areas. Keep spiders (and their eggs) out of damp areas by using dehumidifiers.
  • Raking – Pests, especially lady bugs/Asian beetles, feed on decaying leaves or take cover in them. Eliminating these harborage areas will help eliminate a pest problem indoors.
  • Trash Storage & Removal – Take trash out regularly and keep trash bags in a sealed container to keep pests like mice, flies, wasps & hornets at bay.

If your small business is already experiencing fall pest problems, or you want to make sure you’re protected before pests invade, contact the pest control specialists at Wil-Kil for commercial pest control services.

5 Fall Pest Prevention Tips Every Small Business Should Know in Sun Prairie, WI

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