• Remove debris: As the snow melts, take advantage of the opportunity to remove leaves, twigs, fallen fruit and other debris from your yard. This can be an ideal place for insects to hide.
  • Leave a barrier around your home: Make sure mulch, tree branches and grass don’t grow right up to the side of your home. This can serve as a pest superhighway.
  • Clean gutters: Gutters, like piles of debris, can be a safe haven for pests. Make sure they are running clean so water doesn’t sit and debris doesn’t collect.
  • Inspect roof and chimney: While you are cleaning the gutters, take a quick detour to safely inspect your roof and chimney for holes or cracks that may have developed over the winter. Bats and larger pests like squirrels and raccoons love a nice, dry attic and it is an easy way for insects to gain access.
  • Find and seal any cracks, holes or gaps around your home: Insects and rodents can fit into surprisingly small places. Survey the interior and exterior or your home, particularly around air conditioning units, windows and doors. Fill any open spaces with caulk, copper wool (steel wool can rust) or hardware mesh.
  • Inspect all windows and doors: The winter can be hard on door sweeps. Replace any door sweeps that are no longer connecting with the ground. Check all window screens and ensure that there are no splits or holes. If there are, either repair or replace the screen.
  • Eliminate clutter in your basement or crawl space: Clutter and pests go hand in hand, if they can hide and not be spotted, they will. While you are inspecting outside, don’t forget to eliminate clutter inside so pests have fewer places to hide, and you have better visibility into a potential issue.

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How to Pest-Proof Your House this Spring in Sun Prairie, WI

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