As pest control specialists at Wil-Kil, we often get asked the question: “Are mice dangerous?” Our answer is YES! Rodents like mice and rats are not guests that you want staying with you for the winter. These pests are known for spreading serious diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and Salmonellosis, among many others. They can also spread fleas and ticks to your family and pets and cause significant structural damage to your home. Mice have actually been pinpointed as the cause for many home electrical fires. If you’re playing host to mice and rats in your home, you need to evict these critters immediately! Not sure whether or not these pests have taken up residence in your home? Here are some helpful tips to help you recognize a rodent problem from the rodent control specialists at Wil-Kil Pest Control:

  • Mouse and rat droppings are definitive signs that rodents are in your home. You will generally find droppings in drawers, cupboards or under the sink, but they can be found pretty much anywhere that rodents have been in your home. Droppings typically look like dark brown or black grains of rice and you may even find them in food sources that the rodents have been eating.
  • Smear marks along walls or baseboards are signs that rodents are around. These occur when rodents use the same path over and over again and their fur rubs against the wall, leaving behind dirty or oily marks.
  • Gnaw marks are also a good sign that rodents are present. These gnaw marks can be found on furniture, cardboard boxes, walls and clothing. Rodents need to continuously gnaw to keep their front incisors from over growing.
  • Other signs of rodents in your home include sounds in your walls or in the attic during the nighttime. Scratching, squeaking and scampering noises all are noticeable signs that you have some kind of pest infestation on your hands.

At the first sign of a rodent infestation, you must take action. Contacting a rodent control company is essential to eliminate these pests. Do-it-yourself techniques for rodent control can often be frustrating and ineffective. The best way to entirely eliminate a rodent infestation is to locate the areas of entry and block them. It is also necessary to locate and destroy any and all rodent nests within your home to entirely remove the problem. Pest control companies like Wil-Kil will use their keen eye to help spot entry points and possible nesting sites, and then will use a combination of traps and baits to be successful. Sometimes a rodent problem requires more in-depth treatment, but each situation will be analyzed before a service plan is determined.

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Milwaukee Rodent Control Pros On How To Tell If You Have Mice in Sun Prairie, WI

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