August 11TH 2015


Carpenter ants have been ranked one of the most destructive and economically influential pest affecting homes and businesses throughout the state of Wisconsin. In July, carpenter ants were among the top three most frequently treated pests by Wil-Kil Pest Control. Just like Wisconsinites, carpenter ants thrive in the summertime. Summer’s warm and wet weather conditions create the perfect environment for softening wood – a place where carpenter ants love to excavate small tunnels, compromising a home’s structural soundness.Carpenter ants are easier to prevent rather than eliminate from one’s home, which is why – no matter how you spend your summer – Wil-Kil stresses the importance of prevention methods:

For the Constant Snacker: Be persistent on wiping up crumbs and spills immediately. Also, be sure to seal food packages and garbage containers.

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For the Nature Lover: Move wood piles at least 20-30 feet from a home’s structure and elevate piles when possible – this will prevent ants from building nests in these stacks of wood. Trim back overhead branches at least six feet from the home to avoid contact. Often times, ants use these branches as easy access to get into your home.

For the Handy Man: Carpenter ants live off of a constant source of water, therefore it is important to check for leaks in water lines and correct moisture problems as soon as possible. Be sure doors, windows, chimney and skylights are properly sealed. Also, clean out gutter, replace weather-stripping and replace loose mortar around basement foundation. Overall, aim to eliminate any potential water source, such as moisture or standing water.

If a colony of carpenter ants happens to slip through the cracks – literally – and you start seeing signs of infestation, your home could be at risk and it’s important to contact a pest professional immediately.

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