Here in the Wisconsin, we’re no strangers to mosquitoes.  How can we be when we live in the great lakes region and water is a major attraction to these pests? More than a nuisance though, mosquitoes are a serious threat to health.

In an effort to repel mosquitoes and the transmission of West Nile virus and other diseases these bugs spread through their bites, people have developed their own ideas and remedies.  Unfortunately many of them don’t work.  To help you in your quest to avoid mosquito bites this summer, CBS Minnesota recently made available a list of do’s and don’ts.  We’ve highlighted some of those tips below.

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Do choose cool dry areas for outdoor activities.  Mosquitoes normally breed in shallow pools of warm standing water.  According to this article, Whitewater State Park has earned a reputation as a mosquito-free zone.  This is due to the lack of standing water for breeding and development purposes.  Additionally, the water in the park travels through cool, underground caves causing lowered temperatures unsuitable for mosquito habitation.

Don’t use citronella-based repellents.  Citronella products are not nearly as effective as DEET-based products.  Citronella candles provide very little protection against mosquitoes.

Do use DEET-based repellents.  According to the American Mosquito Control Association, “over 25 years of testing of more than 20,000 other compounds has not resulted in another marketed chemical product with the duration of protection and broad-spectrum effectiveness of DEET.”

Don’t use scented perfumes, lotions or soaps.  Mosquitoes feed on your blood but they also take nectar from flowers.  Using scented perfume, lotion or soap is a great way to attract the mosquitoes to you.

Don’t bother using electronic mosquito-repelling devices.  These devices actually kill very few mosquitoes and are not considered an effective means of mosquito control.

You don’t have to barricade your family inside this summer in an effort to avoid these pesky, dangerous bugs.  Simply follow the above-mentioned mosquito tips, clear your property of standing water and take the necessary precautions to protect your family.

And remember, Wil-Kil Pest Control is here to provide temporary relief from mosquitoes.  Serving Milwaukee, Madison and Wisconsin as well as Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Northeast Iowa and the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan, our mosquito control is perfect for outdoor weddings and other outdoor events.

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Mosquito Season In The Great Lakes Region in Sun Prairie, WI

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