If you have finally found the house of your dreams and you’re planning a move soon, don’t forget about your home pest control services! You’ll want to give us a call to cancel your current home protection plan, if you have one and then you’ll want to set up your first inspection for your new place. If you currently have services with us at your home, you understand the benefits of having a home pest control service plan to help you deter pests like ants in Wisconsin throughout the year. Our services can help eliminate any pests that may be a problem in your home and then prevent future pest problems from occurring.  Here are some great reasons to remember to set up our Home Protection Plan for your new property from the Wisconsin exterminators at Wil-Kil Pest Control:

  1. Our services are pro-active. We don’t just take care of problems whenever they occur; we work to make sure these pest problems don’t crop up at all!
  2. We begin our services with a thorough initial inspection.  This allows us to pin-point any problem areas inside your home where pests may become a problem.
  3. With the results of our inspection, we can recommend to you any areas where structural or environmental changes need to be made.  This will help to eliminate current problems and prevent potential problems.
  4. After our initial inspection, we provide you with year round pest services for your property with 3 scheduled visits during peak pest seasons.
  5. Should you have a pest problem that is covered on your contract between scheduled visits, we will return to your property and take care of the problem at no cost to you.
  6. Our Home Protection Plan provides coverage for many different pests that cause problems for Wisconsin homes, including carpenter ants and mice.

Planning ahead to make sure that you have our pest management services in your new property will pay off in the long run, especially if there is already an infestation at your new property that needs eradicating.

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Contact us today to make changes to your current Home Protection Plan and set up services for your new property; one of our technicians would be happy to perform your first inspection and help you come up with a pest control plan that works for you!

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