May 21st 2015

Milwaukee, WI

Outdoor Entertaining video shot

Don’t let unwanted pests join your cookout or tailgating party this summer.  Regional Manager Randy Allen shared with viewers of Real Milwaukee some of the ways homeowners can protect their yards and homes from pests as people start to plan their outdoor gatherings.

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Check out Randy’s interview to learn more about these tips here or click the image above!

Some of Randy’s tips include:

  • Don’t leave food sit outside, bring it when you are ready to eat
  • Keep food covered on the table when not eating
  • Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, so plan accordingly and think about afternoon Barbeques and cookouts
  • Provide insect repellents for guests
  • Keep garbage away from guests – keep garbage indoors or away from people
  • Use screened in shelters for guests and food, when possible

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