Warehouses are an open invitation for a wide variety of pests. They usually have large, open entrances and plenty of areas for pests to remain unseen. Think of it as a massive jungle gym for something as small as, say, a mouse. Additionally, whatever you may be storing can attract pests. This is especially common for the food processing industry, as many food ingredients attract both stored product pests and flies. So, what are the main pests found in warehouses and what is attracting them to your facility?


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Some of the most commonly found pests in food storage are pantry pests. This includes flour beetles, cigarette beetles and Indian-meal moths. These insects are especially attracted to various grain products, such as pancake mix, cereal, macaroni, crackers, pet food, bird seed and more. If these pests find their way into a food product, it will typically leave eggs behind. When a product that has been contaminated is purchased at a grocery store, it is only a matter of time before its presence becomes known.


Warehouses can be a paradise for rodents, such as mice and rats. In the cold weather, it is a warm escape with plenty of hiding spots. It’s even better if your facility has food and water sources. Rodents may enter through small cracks and holes, or even something as obvious as an entrance left opened for too long. Rodent populations can grow quickly. They often leave urine and droppings behind that can contaminate products, and threaten the health of both employees and consumers.


Birds can be a problem for both the outside and inside of warehouse facilities, however, they are usually a far greater hazard if found indoors. Most warehouses will have large beams, perfect for perching and nesting. They can be a distraction to employees and dangerous when operating heavy machinery. Like rodents, they also leave behind unsanitary “presents” that contaminate products. While bird removal is always an option, there are many ways that you can set up exclusion methods that will prevent them in the first place.


Flies are particularly common near garbage receptacles (both indoors and outdoors) and near floor drains where they breed. We often just think of these pests as a nuisance (which they are), but they also carry diseases from the dirty environments they enjoy so much and are a big concern for food processing, packaging and distribution. They are difficult to control without outside intervention, because of their size and their habits.


Cockroaches are common “hitchhikers” that enter warehouses via deliveries and transportation services. Once inside, they will usually remain elusive and hidden among dark corners. They also are attracted to many of the materials found in warehouses, such as cardboard. While they are mostly unsightly, they can, in fact, spread viruses and leave droppings behind.

Whether you work for a food processing and storage warehouse, or somewhere else in the logistics field, each facility has its own unique problems and pest concerns. Wil-Kil services the warehouse and distribution field by helping to come up with customized solutions based on your problem areas and has the knowledge to control a large range of pests from the outside in.

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What are the Top 5 Pests Found in Warehouses? in Sun Prairie, WI

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