by Megan Wiebold

Chippewa Valley (WQOW) – This warm weather means bugs are coming out earlier than normal.

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Wil-Kil Pest Control says its phones have been ringing non-stop for the past week or so. Customers have been experiencing problems with box elder bugs, flies and Asian beetles already this year.

“Hibernating insects are in the wall voids or in attics of homes or buildings or siding, so they’ll be there all winter, and as soon as the sun starts hitting the side of the home, the siding, it starts to warm up the walls and the attic, and they’ll feel like it’s time get out and they’ll start moving around,” says Tom Majors, the Wil-Kil Regional Manager.

Mosquitoes are also already out this year as well. A local expert says, with the right conditions, we could see an extended period of mosquitoes this summer.

“If we start to get an inch or two of rain here in the next couple of weeks where we get standing water and moist soil, we could certainly see a plethora of mosquitoes this summer, to get that whole season started,” says Dr. Chuck Bomar, Biologist with UW-Stout.

Because the warm-up happened suddenly, and there hasn’t been any time to garden, there could be some serious consequences for honeybees.

“If the honeybees start coming out and flying around, exerting their energy looking for flowers to pollinate, if the flowers can’t reciprocate, if the flowers aren’t out, there’s no sources of pollen for the bees to get their pollen from, there could be major consequences. Many bees could starve,” Dr. Bomar says.

The flowers that need the pollen to grow could also suffer.

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Warm weather means bugs out earlier than normal in Sun Prairie, WI

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