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Have you ever considered adding door sweeps, sealing gaps around your utility lines, or repairing/reinforcing holes associated with doors to discourage an animal infestation? Acting on these steps makes you a participant of exclusion.

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Exclusion is the process of identifying potential animal entry locations and taking preemptive measures to keep these animals out. The term is most commonly associated with rodents, but exclusion is a necessary step for other pests too, such as squirrels, bats, birds and raccoons.

Exclusion Services and Treatment

Why do rodents enter?

Animals need three basic ingredients to survive and thrive – food, water, and shelter. Seasonal temperatures cause wildlife to seek out alternative means for food, water, and shelter. Food production areas or employee breakrooms cause aromas to leak outside, enticing animals surrounding the premise to come inside. Plumbing vents dual as a water source, and a shelter.  Heat radiating through walls can attract animals during cold winter months.  Roof vents, bathroom exhaust vents, and holes in the foundation or siding can all provide nesting habitat for animals.

If animals continue to have access to your facility, and your facility continues to offer food, water, and shelter, then they will continue to breach the premises until you prevent them from entering.

Order of Effective Methods:

The first step of exclusion is identifying the gaps in the exterior and interior parts of your business. Did you know that mice can fit into gaps as small as the width of a pencil? It also might surprise you that rats can squeeze into openings that are the size of a quarter!

It is important to note that if you share a wall with another business, your internal wall is not always safe. This is a pest hotspot which forces the identification of internal pathways.

Sealing gaps successfully requires the help of a professional. This sealing process varies based on the type of gap and can be done by our Wil-Kil quality certified technicians.

While some would say the best way to rid your business of pests is to load your facility with traps and bait, that just addresses the symptom of a pest infestation, not the cause.  Where these tools are crucial for ongoing monitoring and treatment, eliminating the one mouse that is already in your facility does nothing to keep more from coming behind it.

Wil-Kil’s Exclusion Process:

Be Present: We require you to be on-site during the exclusion process because we need to go inside your building and have access to every area to ensure full exclusion of pests.

Duration of Service: An initial exclusion inspection for your business varies based on the square footage and complexities of the structure. Follow-up actions will be provided to you (i.e. repairs that will take place), as well as an estimate for the cost and timing of the exclusion process.

Treatment Lasting Power: In an ideal world, our treatment would last for several years. We recommend electing into a year-round program to ensure rodents can be caught while creating new access points to your facility.

Exclusion is Safe: Exclusion is considered a green solution because there is no use of any materials, other than building materials.

Don’t Allow These Rodents into Your Facility

If you notice any signs of rodent or wildlife breaching, or openings in the foundation, consider contacting Wil-Kil’s exclusion team. Our certified technicians have been ridding homes and businesses in the Midwest of rodents and other pest animals since 1924, and we’re ready to rid your facility today.

Contact us regarding exclusion services, or with further inquiries on our exclusion process.

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What is Rodent Exclusion? in Sun Prairie, WI

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