There are seasonal pests that create problems for businesses occasionally, and then there are pests that haunt commercial business owners all year. Rodents fall into the category of year round pests, forcing businesses to try to figure out how to get rid of mice and rats. Rodents are active throughout the year with no timeframe of hibernation. They become a tenacious problem due to the fact that they are very skilled at being elusive, causing many methods of rodent control to be ineffective. Rodents are also incredible survivors during difficult conditions and climate changes.

Rodents are quite prolific, so it is safe to assume that seeing even one rodent means there is the potential for many more that you don’t see. It is crucial to keep a close observation of any signs of rats or mice in your commercial property. Watch for any chewing of boxes stored in the warehouse or storage rooms. Listen for a sound of scurrying overhead in the attic or even inside walls. An obvious sign is noticing any rodent droppings on the floor, inside storage rooms, under sinks and in cabinets. Any one of these signs is enough proof that Madison pest control should be called.

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There are several reasons rodents create problems with commercial companies. Rodents can be very disturbing to customers, causing them to discontinue doing business with your establishment. Rats and mice are also carriers of diseases and create health issues with your customers and employees. Additionally, these rodent pests can cause physical damage to products as well as your commercial property.

Wil-Kil Pest Control was established in 1924 and continues to provide outstanding service and superior pest management solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. At Wil-Kil, we also understand the importance of preventive measures to reduce the risk of rodent infestation. Perhaps the best prevention tip is to look for any point of entrance to your structures. Rodents and mice can gain access through very small openings. A mouse can come in through cracks or holes in the foundation, floor or walls of your commercial property. They can also gain access from oversized entry holes around plumbing lines, gas lines and large electrical lines. Seal off any probable points of entry to help prevent rodent infestation. Another attractant to rodents includes easy access to food and water. Keep break rooms and lunchrooms clean and free of leftover food and secure all food items in sealed containers. Following these prevention tips will help control rodent problems with your company.

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Why Your Business Needs Year Round Rodent Control in Sun Prairie, WI

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