It’s that time of year again – students, teachers, and parents are preparing for the new school year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many schools have gone virtual. But for some, school will be continuing in-person.

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Bed Bugs
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For those parents and teachers who are preparing for an in-person return, one thing you may not be prepared for is a pesky new classmate – bed bugs. While the chances are low for an infestation in a classroom, it never fails that every year we get calls about bed bugs in local schools or daycare centers.

Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers, hiding out in backpacks, books, and other school supplies. College students living in dorms and multi-unit buildings where bed bug infestations are common, have an added challenge because bed bugs tend to travel from unit to unit quickly.

Here are a few tips that you can use to prevent bed bug infestations this fall:


  • Get familiar with what bed bugs look like as well as signs of an infestation. Bed bugs appear reddish-brown in color, have flat oval-shaped bodies, and are about the size of an apple seed.
  • Inspect backpacks, books, and school supplies for bugs before bringing them inside. Pay close attention to zippers, seams, and folds as they provide perfect areas for bugs to hide.
  • If you are notified that a student’s home has bed bugs, wash all clothing and backpacks in hot water. If you do suspect that you may have brought them home, we recommend scheduling a canine or visual inspection with our team of bed bug specialists.


  • Thoroughly inspect all second-hand furniture, especially mattresses and box springs, for signs of bed bugs before bringing them into a dorm or apartment. Signs of bed bugs include blood spots, black markings that resemble ink spots, and bed bugs themselves.
  • Fit mattresses, box springs, and pillows with protective covers before putting on linens to eliminate entry and escape points for bed bugs.
  • Keep bed linens on the bed and off the floor. While away, students should make a habit of regularly washing all linens.
  • Frequently inspect sleeping areas and check mattresses for ink-like stains and blood spots, which indicate bed bug activity.
  • Reduce clutter to eliminate hiding places for bed bugs.
  • Encourage visitors to avoid putting backpacks and personal items on the bed.


Everyone at Wil-Kil Pest Control wishes you and your students a safe return to school this fall – whatever it looks like. If you suspect that your home or school has bed bugs, please give us a call or contact us online to schedule an inspection.