We all want to remember our favorite spring break moments from the cool places we visited, the time at the beach, and being with our friends and family. A memory plagued by a bed bug infestation is not going leave a good memory in your mind. Unfortunately, bed bugs have the ability cling to clothing and hide in suitcases, which means you need to be on alert during your travels! Wil-Kil Pest Control, a Wisconsin based pest control company has some great tips for spring break travelers.

  • Do not place suitcases on hotel floors or the hotel bed
  • Check hotel bed sheets and mattress seams for unusual blood spots or black fecal matter upon arriving
  • Carry a small flashlight to assist with quick visual inspections
  • Inspect suitcases after returning home from vacation for any signs of bed bugs before entering your house
  • Upon returning home, place all your clothes from your suitcase into the dryer on high heat for at least 20 minutes

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It may seem like a lot of extra work, but it will be far less effort to avoid the bed bugs than it will be to get rid of an infestation that you could bring back home with you. Families could infest their home and their children’s schools, college students could infest entire dorms. It only takes one moment for a bed bug to hop into your luggage and leave you with less than exciting spring break memories.

As students, individuals, and families get ready to travel this spring, locally and globally, Randy Allen, regional manager of Wil-Kil Pest Control is available to educate viewers and provide timely tips on how to prevent obtaining bed bugs.  Allen will offer tips on how to evaluate hotel rooms for bed bugs and prevention techniques to take while traveling.

For all of your pest control questions, or if you have identified any signs of the bed bugs invading your home, contact Wil-Kil today! Our bed bug services include Canine Bed Bug Inspections and Heat Treatments which prove to be the most effective means of eliminating bed bugs all together. Make this spring break a memorable one for all the right reasons. Educate yourself and be prepared to block any bed bugs from trying to make their way back from your long awaited spring break.

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Bed Bugs Don’t Make Good Spring Break Memories in Sun Prairie, WI

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