11 11, 2015

Why You Should Leave Rodenticides to The Professionals

November 11th, 2015|Rodents|

There’s something about a rodent crawling through our homes that stimulates the brain’s most dormant sense of rage, bringing out a primordial response of bloodlust [...]

26 10, 2015

What a Rodent Invasion Could Mean for You

October 26th, 2015|Rodents, Wildlife control|

New York is in the midst of a record-shattering rodent infestation this year. The city’s Parks Department has documented more than 24,000 phone calls related [...]

13 08, 2015

Rodents May Be Helping Spread Avian Flu

August 13th, 2015|Rodents|

The United States Department of Agriculture recently confirmed that there has been several cases of avian influenza (HPAI) break out in the Pacific, Central and Mississippi flyways since December 2014. These flyways are common migratory bird paths. This disease has surfaced in a few poultry flocks as well as in wild birds. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers the chances of HPAI infections on people to be extremely low, the spreading of avian influenza is being watched very closely.

According to that recent report from the USDA, the avian flu is likely to be spread in several ways. Some of these ways includes machinery and a worker going back and forth between a contaminated area and one that is not yet exposed as well as being transmitted by rodents.


17 06, 2015

Multi-Unit Housing And Pests

June 17th, 2015|Bed Bugs, Multi-unit housing, Rodents|

Do you own or manage multi-unit housing? What does a typical day look like for you? Does it inevitably have something to do with a maintenance issue that has gotten out of hand, a disgruntled tenant who can't stand one more day of listening to Mr. Leadfoot in the apartment above or reports about bugs? Welcome to the wonderful world of property management! It's great. Isn't it? But, it could be worse. Much worse.

If you have a broken gutter system that is allowing water to soak and damage your walls, you're going to get that fixed immediately. You understand that water can seep into hard to reach areas and create frustrating repair headaches that cost thousands to fix. As soon as that bleeps on your radar, it flies to the top of your priority list. Bug reports should do the same. Here's why.

  • It goes without saying that most people don't like to live in an apartment that has roaches, rats, mice, bed bugs and other dirty pests. If you have a problem with these pests, it is only a matter of time before you replace good tenants, with desperate tenants that are willing to live anywhere, as long as it is cheap. This is not the way to retain the rental value of your property. But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

  • Pest problems can lead to litigation. If left unchecked, you could deal with a joint lawsuit that requires you to pay reparations for pest control costs, damage to property and personal injury. Successful bed bug lawsuits have been awarded for as much as $800,000.

  • Even if you don't suffer a lawsuit, pests can still affect your bottom line. Studies have shown that businesses that implement an Integrated Pest Management plan for their businesses actually increase revenue: Banks make more money, factories produce more goods and stores sell more product. What does this mean for property management? People thrive in environments that don't have pests. If this is true, the converse should be true as well. Pests have a direct effect on the happiness of tenants, and an unhappy tenant can produce many problems for a property owner or manager.

  • Effective pest management gives the impression that a property is sound, even if there are repair issues that need to be addressed. By making pest management the priority, you will have more success filling rentals, and be able to generate the money needed to address repairs.

Contact Wil-Kil Pest Control and we'll write up a plan for your property. Financial success begins with proper pest management. 

12 05, 2015

Rats In Milwaukee

May 12th, 2015|Rodents|

Author and philosopher Edmund Burke wrote, "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it." Though rats in Milwaukee aren't as bad as they have been in recent history, they continue to be a serious problem and a public health issue. In an effort to avoid allowing Edmund Burke's dire warning to fall on the residents of Milwaukee once more, let us endeavor to take a trip back to 1982, when city officials were forced to take drastic measures to arrest what was rapidly turning into a rat crisis.

7 01, 2015

Do Mice Really Spread Lice?

January 7th, 2015|Pest Prevention, Rodents|

There is a common misconception that lice begin in the homes of dirty people, and that we can protect ourselves by not sharing hats, scarves, and other clothing that touch near the head. Though these precautions can help prevent the spread of lice, it is patently absurd to believe that lice spontaneously appear on the heads of dirty people. They are insects. Like all insects, the only way they are going to get into your hair, is by crawling or flying into it. Since they don't fly, the most common way you'll get lice is by the above ways. You put on a hat that someone with lice wore, and those lice mosey on into your hair. But there is a grander picture I want you to see. A topic that usually gets skirted over when you read anything about lice. Namely, where do lice come from?

17 12, 2014

How To Prevent Raccoons, Squirrels And Winter Infestations

December 17th, 2014|Pest Prevention, Rodents, Wildlife, Wildlife control|

Over the colder winter months, wild animals start to look for a warm shelter to hide out in. They are looking for a shelter with easy access to food and water. Your home looks like a perfect place for these wild animals to hide out over the winter months. Your home is a lot warmer than the outside temperatures are. You have plenty of food and easy access to water. These wild animals tend to hide out in your walls, attic or basement. They try to stay out of sight as much as possible. The only time you might see or hear them is when they are nesting or looking for food. Once you have established that you have a wildlife infestation in your home, the next step is eliminating the infestation as quickly as possible.

10 12, 2014

How To Tell If You Have Mice + What To Do About It

December 10th, 2014|Rodents|

It's easy to tell if you have mice when they're scraping and bumping in your bedroom walls. But many mice will find other routes from the attic to the kitchen, or simply live in the pantry or kitchen wall voids since they like to be close to their food source. If you hear mice in your bedroom walls, you're one of the lucky ones. Mice are exceptionally timid and not easily detected in a home. They quietly scurry along the wall and disappear under cabinets if they hear anyone coming. The National Pest Management Association even makes the claim that if you see a mouse in your kitchen, it's a pretty good indication there are many living in your home. Over population and limited food sources make mice more desperate and willing to take greater chances.

6 11, 2014

How NOT To Get The Mouse Out Of Your House

November 6th, 2014|Rodents|

Have you tried to catch a mouse with little or no success? Many have. This is because mice are very cautious creatures. If you slap a mouse trap down with a little cheese on it, there is a good chance that trap will be licked clean in the morning, and you'll have no mouse to show for it. This can be frustrating. Really frustrating. So, let's walk through some of the don'ts to mouse catching, and see if we can solve the problem.

6 10, 2014

How To Tell If There Are Mice In Your Home

October 6th, 2014|Pest Prevention, Rodents|

You will hardly ever see a mouse. They are timid, nocturnal creatures. If it's crawling around your kitchen, it's doing it under the cover of night. And if it hears you coming, it is going to get out of dodge before you flip those lights on. For this reason, mice are a threat to many families. If you don't know they are in your home, you don't realize that they are contaminating your food supply and leaving a variety of bacteria and decay on your dishes. A wild mouse is not something you want in your home. It brings the rot from that dumpster down the street right into your silverware drawer. 

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