30 10, 2014

You Know They’re Coming…Fall Pest Control Tips

October 30th, 2014|Fall Pests, Hibernating insect control|

They come every fall. You can almost set your watch to them. The insects and wildlife around your home are going to start breaching your walls. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. Hang with me for a few short minutes, and I'll tell you what critters to expect, and how to deal with them

1 08, 2014

What Makes Mosquitoes A Summer Pest Threat?

August 1st, 2014|Mosquito control, Mosquitoes|

Bugs are a part of summer that, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t completely get rid of them. While some insects are just a nuisance, others can actually spread serious diseases and be a real threat to you and your family.

19 06, 2014

Fox 6 Now: Mosquito problems? Ways you can stop being a mosquito’s buffet

June 19th, 2014|Mosquito control, Mosquito control, Mosquitoes, News|

Mosquitoes are back and they are hungry! Keep yourself off the menu with these helpful tips!

18 06, 2014

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Summer Event

June 18th, 2014|Mosquito control, Mosquitoes|

Here in Wisconsin, mosquitoes seem to take over once the summer weather hits. Not only do they cover us in itchy mosquito bites, they seem to take great pleasure in driving us indoors during the best part of the year. Wil-Kil understands how annoying these biting insects can be, which is why we’ve put together a few mosquito prevention tips.

6 06, 2014

MenomoneeFalls Patch: Wil-Kil Pest Control’s Pest of the Month: Mosquitos

June 6th, 2014|Mosquito control, Mosquito control, Mosquitoes, News|

Stop mosquitoes and their backyard invasion this summer with helpful tips from Wil-Kil's Shane McCoy.

29 04, 2014

Termite Prevention Tips For Wisconsin Homeowners

April 29th, 2014|Termite Service, Termites|

The threat of a termites infesting a home’s structure is an issue for every homeowner. Termites can do an extensive amount of damage to a home because of their voracious appetites and elusive natures. To a homeowner’s untrained eye, you may not see the early signs of termite activity. This is why it is so important to have a regular inspection and have a proven termite control program in place.

10 04, 2014

Preventing Pests Begins Outside

April 10th, 2014|Pest Prevention, Total home protection|

Spring pest prevention can be easy as long as you take a few preventative measures to keep pests from entering your home. Pests like ants will be looking to get into your home this spring, and if you’ve done nothing to prevent their entry, there’s a good chance they’ll get in your home and start foraging for food.

27 02, 2014

Stop Ants Before They Enter Your Home This Spring

February 27th, 2014|Ants, Total home protection|

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes warm weather, blooming flowers, and unfortunately for homeowners, ants foraging for food. If proper precautions are not taken to prevent ants, your home and property could become a home and feeding ground for thousands of ants.

12 08, 2013

Moving? Let Our Wisconsin Exterminators Know!

August 12th, 2013|Total home protection, Wisconsin Pest Control|

If you have finally found the house of your dreams and you’re planning a move soon, don’t forget about your home pest control services! You’ll want to give us a call to cancel your current home protection plan, if you have one and then you’ll want to set up your first inspection for your new place. If you currently have services with us at your home, you understand the benefits of having a home pest control service plan to help you deter pests like ants in Wisconsin throughout the year. Our services can help eliminate any pests that may be a problem in your home and then prevent future pest problems from occurring.  Here are some great reasons to remember to set up our Home Protection Plan for your new property from the Wisconsin exterminators at Wil-Kil Pest Control:

22 07, 2013

Mosquitoes: Identification, Prevention And Control

July 22nd, 2013|Mosquito control, Mosquito control, Mosquitoes|

Mosquitoes in Wisconsin are out for blood! Okay, so really its just female mosquitoes and that’s because they need it in order to reproduce but the fact remains they are out this summer and are invading bbq’s and other outdoor events leaving behind annoying (potentially dangerous) mosquito bites.

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