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Learning to brave freezing cold temps and snowpocalypses is a prerequisite to be a Wisconsin resident – doing it in shorts is optional. In addition to our tundra-like weather, there’s another thing Wisconsinites will need to learn to brave this fall and winter – pests!

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According to Pest World’s latest Bug Barometer (below), residents in the Midwest can expect to see a mild start to fall and winter, leading to prolonged activity for pests such as stink bugs, ticks, and Asian lady beetles. Your home or business provides the warmth and shelter that allows them to stay alive until the warm weather returns.

Exterior barrier treatments combined with preventative actions in the fall is the best way to keep these Asian lady beetles and box elder bugs from invading your space. Be sure to inspect and repair cracks in exterior walls and window screens to prevent entry – insects only need 1/8 inch of space to squeeze through!


Stink Bugs

Although stink bugs aren’t known to be dangerous, they are a nuisance, especially if you’re seeing them in large numbers. Stink bugs enter our homes through small cracks and crevices to find shelter. They’re most commonly found in walls, attics, and crawl spaces.

If you do encounter any stink bugs indoors, you should avoid squishing them as they give off a foul odor. To get rid of stink bugs, we recommend vacuuming them up or relocating them outdoors. If the stink bugs begin to multiply, a pest professional can help you get them under control.

Asian Lady Beetles

Like stink bugs, Asian lady beetles can become an issue when they occur in large numbers. These hibernating insects aren’t known to bite, but they do secrete a strong-smelling yellow liquid when disturbed, making them a difficult pest to get rid of on your own. Contact the professionals at Wil-Kil for comprehensive hibernating insect control if you believe beetles are overwintering in your space.


Even though ticks are most active from May to September, they can be found year-round when the weather is mild. If you’re planning to explore our state’s parks and trails this fall, make sure to take the proper precautions. This includes wearing a tick repellent along with long sleeves and pants. Don’t forget to check yourself for ticks, too! If you do have one embedded on your body, pull it upward and out using a tweezers. Do not squeeze or crush the body of the tick as this can cause it stay in the skin.


As Wisconsin residents ourselves, we know what “bugs” you the most this time of year. Contact our team of trained professionals to take care of your insect or rodent problems (800) 236-8735.

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