Did you know that many pest control companies across the country see an increase in calls about bed bugs once summer hits? It’s true and it can be attributed to increased travel as many families and individuals take off to enjoy a summer getaway. Since it’s Bed Bug Awareness Week, it seems like a great time to blog about these biting pests.

Bed bugs are active in every state. So whether you’re planning a family vacation to Walt Disney world, going on an Alaskan cruise, hitting the beach for some sun, sand and surf or just going couple towns over, you could encounter bed bugs. Worse, you may bring them home with you.

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Bed bugs are hitchhikers. These pests don’t jump or fly, instead they crawl onto any item that will move them towards their goal of finding their next blood meal. Purses, suitcases, and people are common means of travel for bed bugs. If you set your carry-on down at the airport, you might leave with an extra something attached. If you travel by cab to your hotel, you may leave the hired car with more than you planned on.

Bed bugs do not discriminate. If you’re thinking you don’t have to worry about bed bugs because your hotel has the five-star distinction, think again. These insects are just as likely to be found in the most luxurious hotels as they are in a budget motel. Also they show no preference between immaculate homes and cluttered ones. Simply put, the only thing this pest cares about is the next blood meal.

Bed bugs are not dangerous. Unlike ticks that have earned a reputation for transmitting serious disease like Lyme or mosquitoes that spread West Nile virus, bed bugs are not dangerous. Bed bug bites often result in nothing more than itchy red bites. Sometimes not even that. With that said, a bed bug infestation is stressful, embarrassing and can be costly if it is not treated right away.

Since bed bugs can be found just about anywhere people are, you should always be vigilant and remember to inspect for these pests anywhere you go. Plane seats, cabs, hotel rooms, if you visit, inspect first.

What are you looking for? Good question. Adult bed bugs are visible to the human eye, growing to be about ¼ of an inch in length and have an oval-flat shape and reddish brown in color. You should also be on the lookout for tiny blood spots on sheets and furniture and also excrement.

One last reminder, bed bugs can be controlled. At Wil-Kil Pest Control, we offer comprehensive bed bug services including:

So as you’re heading out this summer, keep this information in the back of your head and be ready to protect yourself from bed bug bites. Also, since it’s Bed Bug Awareness Week, take a moment to share this information. You never know, you might help someone avoid a serious pest problem this summer. And of course, if you suspect a bed bug problem in your home or business, contact Wil-Kil Pest Control!