Have you ever been walking up the sidewalk to a business establishment, only to see that unsightly view of bird droppings covering the area all around the building? You automatically look up—just in time to see the fly-by shooting of a bird bomb splat right in front of you. Suddenly, your desire to do business has waned as you carefully step around the bird droppings in your retreat.

Business owners spend thousands of dollars each year in advertising and marketing techniques, promoting their company. A diligent business owner would never allow a heavy rat infestation to take over his establishment, but think nothing of bird infestation. Yet birds and rats are quite similar in terms of spreading diseases and causing damage. Many commercial establishments have fought with pigeon and other pest bird infestations and dealt with the cost of damage and negative effects for years, while others have not approached the issue. Birds will not only taint the image customers have regarding your business, but they also cause structural damage to buildings and pose health risks to employees and customers.

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The most common bird pests are pigeons, starlings and sparrows, all of which are capable of transmitting more than 60 diseases and parasitic organisms, all of which can be dangerous and deadly to humans. The dust from dried out bird droppings contain micro-organisms that, when inhaled, cause serious lung diseases. There are many other health risks associated with bird pests through food contamination. Another safety concern involves people slipping and falling when stepping into bird droppings.

Accumulated bird waste can be very damaging to almost any type of building material. This creates yet another huge expense to business owners. Bird droppings contain uric acid and a PH level that will cause damage to steel, iron, stone and wood. These unsightly and disgusting droppings will discolor paint, cause corrosion to steel or iron and eat into wood. They will also cause damage electrical equipment.

The risk of bird pests is huge and certainly calls for effective bird control. There are solutions available to control bird pests and eliminate the risks and damages for business owners. Wil-Kil offers a number of services, all of which meet local and national guidelines. We do not use lethal baiting with bird exclusion services, making it safe and ideal for use of organic facilities.

Our bird exclusion techniques include professional installation of site-engineered equipment. These devises are designed to blend in with the building and are unnoticed. Wil-Kil’s bird exclusion programs include cleaning existing bird droppings and deodorizing and disinfecting the affected areas. Preserve the integrity and safety of your business by calling Wil-Kil today.