In fall, you’re going to see a lot more wasps, because there are more of them to see. Wasp nests have had all summer to grow, and they can get to be enormous. It is not uncommon to see 3000 to 5000 wasps in a single nest. It’s crazy–especially when one of those nests are in your attic or garage.

Usually the only indication that you have a wasp nest in your house, is to see them entering in through your siding, or under an eave. They hover, land, and scurry inside. It is luck of the draw whether or not the fall nest inside your wall is just starting, or has had all summer to grow, unless it is visible on the exterior. Your entire attic could be swarming with them.

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If you suspect you have a nest in your home, call a professional. Wasps are a dangerous and painful pest to deal with. They swarm to protect their nest and are capable of stinging several times. Yellow jackets are even known to pursue their aggressors–taking corners and going through obstacles to get to them. This is not a pest you want to deal with on your own.

Professionals have the experience needed to fully eradicate your wasp problem in a safe and non-toxic manner. Homeowners who make an attempt to do it themselves, can end up with a worse problem than they started with. For instance, spraying and sealing a hole where wasps are entering and exiting can cause those wasps to flee deeper into your walls, and soon your entire house is swarming with them.

Here are some simple ways to protect your family from wasps this fall.

  • Have a professional remove wasp nests in and around your home, to reduce the wasp population.
  • Wear shoes when you’re running around outside in fall.
  • Don’t leave sugary drinks outside on the deck, or inside on tables near your windows.
  • Be mindful when you pick anything up that has been sitting outside. Wasps hide in between the pages of your newspaper, under clothing, around plates or cups with sweet things on them, and in chairs. Look before you sit.
  • Check all your window and door screens, and caulk up any cracks around your window frames.

If you have wasps in your area, they will be more of a pain in fall. You won’t be able to completely rid yourself of the problem, but reducing their numbers, and removing nests in and around your home, can significantly reduce your chances of being stung. Less wasps, means less accidental encounters. It’s just a numbers game.

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