Whether the kids are just at a day camp or gone for most of the summer to an overnight camp, a pest threat all parents need to be on the lookout for this summer is bed bugs. These blood sucking insects have made their way across the country to hotels, dorms, schools, and now even summer camps. As with most pest threats, prevention is the best way to avoid any problems.

Summer proves to be a time of the year when bed bug infestations are high due to the amount of travel and movement happening across the whole country. Bed bugs are great hitchhikers so they will have no problem hoping a ride on your kid’s summer camp bags and heading back to your Wisconsin home. And contrary to the common belief, bed bugs do not favor messy homes versus clean homes. When it comes to bed bugs, any one’s home is fair game.

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In order to prevent bed bugs from coming home with your kids from summer camp it is important that both parents and campers learn how to travel free from bed bugs and how to inspect a room for bed bugs. You will want to continue inspecting your home for bed bugs even after your kids are settled back in as it may take time for bed bugs to show up. Here are some bed bug prevention tips for summer camp goers:

  • Have your kids keep their clothing in large bags that seal closed
  • Once they are back home, keep their luggage outside until it has been inspected
  • Send clothing through the wash right away and wash on the hottest temperature available to the fabrics
  • Vacuum out their bags and suitcases to be sure to remove any bed bugs or their eggs that could be hiding
  • Stay vigilant and continue to inspect your home for any signs of bed bugs even after the kids are home

If you do suspect that bed bugs have traveled back as a summer camp souvenir then do not panic. For those living in Appleton, Eau Claire, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or elsewhere in in our service area, Wil-Kil Pest Control is ready to assist! With many effective bed bug control services, you can be sure that no matter how severe your bed bug problem, Wil-Kil will resolve it quickly and effectively.

To get rid of bed bugs or to learn more about our bed bug treatments in Wisconsin please contact us today.

WI Pest Control Pros Warn: Bed Bugs May Be Attending Summer Camp in Sun Prairie, WI

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