Cockroach Control Service

German cockroach on white surface.

Cockroach Problem? Let us help.

  • Our skilled service technicians build action plan designed for your home or business.
  • Our skilled technicians will find the root of the problem – where the cockroaches are getting into your home or business.
  • Cockroaches multiply fast! It is important to solve the problem before it gets even worse.
  • Guard your home, family, or business from these disease ridden pests.

Call us now for immediate assistance.


  1. Our experienced technicians will come to your home or business, inspect the cockroach infestation and customize a plan based on the severity of the problem.
  2. After inspection, the technician will get right to work treating the affected areas and discovering where the cockroaches are entering the property and destroy them at the source.
  3. Following the initial treatment, we will discuss how to prevent cockroach infestations in the future.


How do I prepare for treatment?

Show your technician ALL of the areas you are noticing an issue and ensure these areas are free of clutter so the technician can get right to work.


Wil-Kil is 100% committed to helping you in the quickest time possible.  In most cases, we can respond within 24 hours or less Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

Can i do it myself?

Cockroach infestations seem to spread like wild fires so we certainly recommend professional treatment for these pests. DIY cockroach treatments tend to target foraging cockroaches, they don’t address the root of the problem.

are they dangerous?

YES! Cockroaches are extremely dangerous to have living and breeding in your home or business. Before venturing into your property, they have already been crawling through sewers, garbage, and excrement. The bacteria on their bodies will then spread throughout your home wherever they go including in your food. Cockroaches can transmit types of parasitic worms, Salmonella, and other bacteria that can cause vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. As they travel through your home they leave behind their excrement and shed skins which can trigger asthmas attacks in some people, especially young children.

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