What could be better than a working dog’s life? Our bed bug detecting canines Max and Daisy really have it made: they have the skills needed to recognize live bed bugs and their eggs, and they work everyday with the professionals at Wil-Kil Pest Control helping us identify bed bugs in homes and businesses. And when their working day is over, Max and Daisy get to go home with their handlers and enjoy life as very well-loved dogs in happy homes.

Max and Daisy are beagles, and they’re highly trained ones at that! They graduated from J&K Canine Academy in High Springs, Florida where they learned to detect only live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. Along with their trainers Rick and Mike, these dogs are certified annually by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association to be sure that they are staying up on their bed bug detecting skills!

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Canines have been used for many years to detect things that humans cannot. They are used by the military and the police to sniff out weapons, drugs and other things that may be illegal, and they are even used to help search for missing people. Because dogs have a very strong sense of smell they can be trained to find almost anything with their noses. Our bed bug dogs at Wil-Kil have a 98% accuracy rate in locating these blood sucking insects, which is far greater than the accuracy rate of a trained person looking for bed bugs. This has a lot to do with the fact that these dogs are small and agile and can smell into areas that a human wouldn’t be able to reach without great difficulty. Our canine bed bug inspections are also far easier than our human bed bug inspections, because the area needs very little preparation in order to be inspected by a bed bug sniffing dog. Typically before a human manually inspects a room for bed bugs, the room needs to be completely de-cluttered and beds need to be stripped, baseboards removed if possible, electrical outlet covers removed and other items disassembled so that our inspectors can get a good look inside to inspect for hiding bed bugs. Before a Wil-Kil bed bug dog inspection, we ask that you remove pets, their toys, food and water dishes, and you eliminate sources of smells like potpourri and room fresheners. You can view a full list of our Pre-Canine Inspection Checklist here, but these pre-inspection requirements are far simpler when a bed bug dog is doing the inspecting!

Once our handler brings his dog into your structure, the inspection can commence. A lot of people are surprised at how quickly these dogs can locate a bed bug infestation; sometimes within minutes of entering a room. These dogs and their powerful noses have really changed the way that bed bug inspections are administered and have helped make our pest control services more eco-friendly and our bed bug treatments more targeted. Thanks to our wonderful beagles Max and Daisy and their handlers Rick and Mike, we are proud to offer Milwaukee, Appleton and Madison as well as all of Wisconsin extremely reliable and fast canine bed bug inspection services. For more information or to schedule your first bed bug inspection with Max or Daisy, contact us here or call {ap_snippet:global-toll-free-tracking-number}.

Canine Bed Bug Detection With Max And Daisy in Sun Prairie, WI

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