Curious about what a pest control technician can do for your business? Are you wondering what the “bug guys” do every day? Well, there’s a lot involved in a typical day, but here is an idea of what you can expect from your technician:


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Routine Visits

The professionals at Wil-Kil love their jobs because they can create their own schedules and see fresh faces every day. Each day, they look at their list of customers due for routine visits and then map out their scheduled based on where the need is. They will often use city or zip code to organize their day, and most technicians will make an average of ten stops each day. That may vary depending on the size and complexity of a client’s location. Many customers opt for quarterly routine visits, although each establishment’s individual needs vary. Some facilities, such as those involved in food production, need monthly, weekly, or even daily service.

Because Wil-Kil focuses on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), our goal is to make every effort to keep pests from entering your building in the first place. To do this, we use several techniques, which you will see regularly when your technician visits:

  • Check exterior bait stations for signs of mice or rats
  • Apply products to treat/prevent pests as needed
  • Inspect areas more susceptible to pests (called Pest Vulnerable Zones) to identify any new issues
  • Inspect the interior and exterior of your building to find potential pest entry points that may need attention from your building maintenance team. Examples include holes/cracks, unsealed doors/windows, damaged door sweeps, etc.
  • Identify pest-conducive conditions that you can eliminate with maintenance and sanitation such as a leaky pipe, standing water, overflowing garbage or food debris collected in drains
  • Ask employees at a client location if there have been issues reported by customers or other employees
  • Check interior rodent traps for signs of mice or rats
  • Check insect light traps and/or replace light bulbs and glue boards

Following all this analysis and research, we will make recommendations about where you can improve your facility so that these pests don’t find their way inside.

Emergency Responses

At Wil-Kil, our technicians know pests won’t necessarily wait for our routine visits to cause problems. That’s why our technicians are available for emergency services, even if you aren’t scheduled for your routine check-in. Typically, a technician can come in the same day when you call with a pest emergency.

Customized Solutions

No two visits are alike. For example, a restaurant may have more issues with pests like cockroaches or ants than a warehouse or retail store. But a warehouse or retail store may have more issues with mice. Even offices in the same building can have their own separate issues, like spiders and rodents. We make sure that we are checking problem areas you’ve had in the past, both indoors and outdoors. Where we generally have bait stations/traps set and preventative measures in place, we will also check in on those more specific problems you have too.

Interested in commercial pest control for your business? Contact Wil-Kil today to learn more about our service offerings.

What to Expect from Your Commercial Pest Control Technician in Sun Prairie, WI

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