Fruit Flies

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Fruit Flies

Color: Fruit flies are tan to brownish yellow or brownish black in color with red eyes. The thorax may be darker than the rest of its body.

Characteristics: These flies are often found in the kitchen next to newly decaying fruits, vegetables or organic decaying matter.

Size: Adult fruit flies are about 1/8” long.

Potentially Dangerous: No, but they do carry diseases they pick up from sewers, garbage and other bacteria ridden areas.

Food Contamination

Nuisance Pest

Illness Spreading

What is a fruit fly?

The fruit fly’s name comes from their small size and attractiveness to fruits for egg laying. They are often found near newly decaying fruit, vegetables or organic matter. Females lay their eggs near decaying fruits (about 500 eggs) and they hatch in about 30 hours. Fruit fly young develop in or near the fruit. Fruit flies only live for about 8-10 days, but have large reproductive potential. This is why you often see them in swarms.

Why do I have them?

Fruit flies are so small they can get into your home through a small crack or even though a standard screen. They can also enter your home when you bring home purchased fruit, vegetables, poorly-sealed jars or bottled goods that are already infested by larvae. Fruit flies are also attracted to gardens, compost piles and garbage.

Are they dangerous?

In general, fruit flies are a nuisance pest and are not dangerous. However, they do visit unsanitary areas, such as garbage and sewers, and could bring bacteria in your home. Great care should be taken to eliminate the spread of diseases from fruit flies.

Is the treatment safe?

All products used are EPA registered for pest control use to keep your family, pets and plants as safe as possible. Your technician will fully explain treatment options being used so you are well informed.

Can I do it myself?

The key to fruit fly control is to uncover the breeding site. This can be difficult to define as it could be within your home or outdoors and they are making their way inside. We recommend taking the below prevention tips and if there is minimal progress, call a pest professional right away.

How can I prevent fruit flies?

There are several ways to avoid fruit flies in your home:

  • Keep all eating areas clean and ensure food is properly stored.
  • Discard overripe/decaying fruits and vegetables.
  • Inspect produce, jars and bottled foods before purchasing.
  • Seal any cracks in windows and screens.
  • Keep outdoor garbage areas clean and a good distance from your home.
  • Seal leaky pipes or other water fixtures around your home.

For professional fruit fly control services, give Wil-Kil a call.

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